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Summer Reads this July and August at The Manuscript Publisher

posted 9 Jul 2013, 17:36 by Oscar Duggan   [ updated 10 Jul 2013, 08:40 ]
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Summer Offerings, E-Book Promotions, New and Forthcoming Titles

Whether you are going away or staying at home this summer, you are never far from a good read. The advent of e-publishing has meant that the books which we want to read are always close at hand. These days, more and more books are electronically produced and stored remotely, so that they are capable of being accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Here at The Manuscript Publisher, we have plenty to offer the hungry reader this summer, including several new books and titles that have either just been published, or are coming soon in print and e-book editions. See our Online Bookshop for more information.

Special Offer on our E-Book Editions

Kindle Devices and Apps
Another advantage of e-publishing is that holiday reading need not take up too much space in your suitcase. In order that your wallet does not feel the pinch, we are offering special summer promotion prices on all of our e-book editions, for July and August only. Hurry though! This offer must end at midnight, 31st August.

Visit our online bookshop for more information. Our e-book editions are available in all the common e-reading formats, on Kindle and Smashwords, and can be read using all of the popular e-reading devices and apps.

Irish Memoirs, Murder Mysteries and Travelogues

Where Did They Get You? a memoir by Bridget P. McDonnell. Published by The Manuscript Publisher, 2013.

Bridget P. McDonnell's bestselling memoir, Where Did They Get You? is now available in e-book editions on Kindle and Smashwords. The book was well-received and widely praised upon its release last year.

It is somewhat fitting that such a book should now be available for global distribution. It is, after all, a story that takes the reader on a journey around the world and back. McDonnell's career in nursing took her to many countries. Her accounts of her various adventures, the people that she met, even those fleeting experiences are well told. The books spans all of the decades since the Second World War and records the changes in Irish society, as they were witnessed by one who was part of the Irish diaspora.

However, the book is also strong on personal reminiscences: how she coped with the challenges that life threw at her and how she ultimately came through it all. This is one of those books that you just cannot wait to finish; yet the stories remain fresh in the memory long after you have put it down for the last time.

This book will strike a chord with many people as it explores so many life experiences and issues, including motherhood, emigration, growing up in Ireland, betrayal, love and loss. - World of Irish Nursing magazine

Is It Me? The Joseph Heffernan Story by Jack Kiernan. Revised and updated edition published by The Manuscript Publisher.

Is It Me? The Joseph Heffernan Story by Jack Kiernan is a dark and tragic tale. Even more so, not just because it is a true story, but one in which the truth has been buried for over a century. It recounts a murder that happened in Mullingar, on a summer's day in 1909. In the words of author and broadcaster, Joe Duffy:

Kiernan has meticulously gone through the police investigation, witness statements and the court case and has found major flaws in the investigation. By the end, the reader is left in no doubt that beautiful young Mary Walker was the victim of a heinous crime, but that crime claimed another life the day Joe Heffernan fell to the hangman's rope.

Originally published in 2011, this edition has been revised and updated with new material that has since come to light. It is available now in e-book format from Kindle and Smashwords, with a print edition to follow shortly.

An Account of the Courts of Prussia and Hanover by John Toland (1670-1722)

An Account of the Courts of Prussia and Hanover; sent to a Minister of State in Holland by John Toland (1670-1722) is another a travelogue, albeit one of a different vintage. It was written by one who was also a member Irish diaspora, though he left Ireland for quite different reasons. It was first published in 1705. It has now been re-published in all-new Kindle edition, with a print edition to follow soon.

Even after more than 300 years, Toland's account of his travels and the people that he met remains highly readable. His account continues to be cited by historians of the period. This is not least because it is engaging. It gives us an accessible picture of life in those German courts and of the people who inhabited them at the turn of the 17th to 18th Century.

This new edition is published by The Manuscript Publisher. It is part of a project announced last year, to make available and make known the works of one of Ireland's lesser known, but hugely influential thinkers. Author, J.N. Duggan is serving as General Editor for this project. Among her previous works, include the short biography and critical appraisal, John Toland: Ireland's Forgotten Philosopher, Scholar ... and Heretic, which is also available to buy online.

See our special summer offer on books by and about John Toland (1670-1722): get three books for the price of two.

Stories for Children and Fishermen's Tales

The Future is Greater by Joy C. Agwu. Published by The Manuscript Publisher, 2013.
The Future is Greater is the second book by Joy C. Agwu to be published by The Manuscript Publisher. It follows The Echo of a Troubled Soul, which was published earlier this year. Joy Agwu established a reputation for herself as a natural-born storyteller with her debut outing. Her follow-up lives up to billing.

The Future is Greater is a deftly handled treatise on suicide prevention and counselling among young people. A mother is helping her teenage daughter to come to terms when a school friend takes her own life. She does so by telling her stories from her own background and tradition, as one who was born and raised in Africa. The message is life-affirming, reminding us that even in our hours of deepest uncertainty, we should always face the future with hope rather than trepidation.

Books by Joy C. Agwu are available to buy online in print editions.

The Stories of Molly's Never Ending Adventures: The Magic through the Glass Door by Samantha Ann Robinson. Published by The Manuscript Publisher, 2013.

The Magic through the Glass Door by Samantha Ann Robinson is the first in the Stories of Molly’s Never Ending Adventures series. The book will be available soon in print and e-book editions. It is another fine example of storytelling for children as it should be, albeit in a different vein. This time the action is fast-paced, adventurous and no-holds barred.

Molly is a bubbly happy five-year-old but there is something very different about her: she creates magic wherever she goes and whatever she touches turns into a new adventure. In The Magic through the Glass Door, Molly must defeat the evil dragon, Kiel, who terrorises her land.

The author has given free reign to the imagination in The Magic through the Glass Door (coming soon). Expect more of the same in the instalments that will surely follow.

Finally, another fascinating memoir soon to be published is one called, A Cornish Fisherman's Diary by Trevor Simpson. Life as it was experienced on the seas and shores of Cornwall in the 1960s is the subject of this account, which is warm, humourous and packed full of incidents. It is a book that offers us not just a glimpse into the world of seafishermen; it invites us in and lets us share in it. In the author's words:

I started keeping the diary in January 1965. I intended to record the weather and the numbers of crawfish and lobsters we caught. Basically that, together with the areas we fished, was supposed to be all of it. It just kind of grew then so that before very long, I was adding scraps of information about what was happening to other fishermen besides us.

A Cornish Fisherman's Diary by Trevor Simpson will be published later this summer.

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