Where Did They Get You?
a memoir
Bridget P. McDonnell

Where Did They Get You? a memoir by Bridget P. McDonnell. Available to browse online.

Where Did They Get You?
a memoir
Bridget P. McDonnell

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About the Author

Bridget P. McDonnell grew up in rural Ireland in the 1940s and 50s. Her career in nursing took her to many countries and she witnessed life as part of the Irish diaspora. Her story is told in this memoir that has been widely praised for its candour and honesty.
This is the story of one woman’s experiences: from growing up in Ireland in the period immediately after the second world war; emigration while still in the prime of her youth; a career in nursing that spanned five decades and which took her to eight countries, as well as travels the length and breadth of the globe.

While it is a story that in some ways might be regarded as typical of her generation, it is also a testament to her own personal triumphs in overcoming adversity. She talks candidly about her experiences and how she drew on the strength of her upbringing, her convictions and her training as a nurse to deal with the problems which she encountered.

It is the story too of the changing face of Irish society, as witnessed by one who was a member of the diaspora. Finally it is also the story of one who never lost touch with her roots, however trying and difficult the circumstances may have been. Having moved back to Ireland, she retired in 2009 and today lives less than twelve miles from the place where she grew up.

Where Did They Get You? a memoir by Bridget P. McDonnell
Non-fiction, memoir. 188 pages. Paperback
First published in Ireland in 2012 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9571157-4-3

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Where Did They Get You?

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Reviews for this Book

This book will strike a chord with many people as it explores so many life experiences and issues, including motherhood, emigration, growing up in Ireland, betrayal, love and loss. It is a story that documents McDonnell's varied nursing career and all of the places it took her. It also deals with coming to terms with whatever life throws at you. The independence, courage and strength of character that Bridget displayed throughout her life is truly inspirational. - Edel Reynolds, INMO Assistant Librarian (from World of Irish Nursing magazine)
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Where Did They Get You? by Bridget P. McDonnell

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Where Did They Get You? by Bridget P. McDonnell

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