Sales and Order Fulfilment Service
helping independent authors and publishers sell their books

Sales and order fulfilment services from The Manuscript Publisher
At The Manuscript Publisher, we take an active interest in helping you to market, promote and sell your book. We do so because we want you to succeed but also, because we have an interest in sales generation from the point of view of a retail seller of your book. Most of the books that we have helped to publish, unless they are exclusively for private circulation, are listed in our online and print catalogues. We also sell books through third-party channels that include Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and eBay.

We offer a Sales and Order Fulfilment service that is aimed at helping self-published authors and independent publishers to sell their books through traditional and online channels. We sell directly to the book-buying public using all of these channels (e.g. our online bookshop, mail order catalogues, on Amazon and eBay). We also sell direct to bookshops, retailers, wholesale and distribution outlets, libraries and their suppliers.

Our sales and order fulfilment service works entirely on a commission basis and on the following terms:
  • We take books on a sale or return basis, at 40% trade discount (55% for trade orders to bookshops, retailers, etc)
  • We provide all the necessary order fulfilment and customer support
  • For e-books and digital content (including print-on-demand titles), we take 50% of income from sales but also undertake all the necessary e-book conversion, marketing and promotion using Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and other e-publishing platforms
  • We issue suppliers (i.e. the author/publisher) with twice-yearly sales reports, in June and December. Payments are issued within 28 days by cheque, EFT, PayPal according to your choice.

Books and titles listed in our catalogues are marketed and promoted on a continuous, year-round basis using traditional and online channels that include social media, direct marketing, e-mail marketing.

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