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Who We Are

We offer professional and affordable services to authors, writers, independent publishers looking for ways to publish, promote and sell their books via the printed and non-printed routes. Our services cover the entire spectrum of the publishing process, allowing you to publish your book, while also retaining ownership and control, as an author and independent publisher.
  • Our publishing solutions are tailored to your budget, ambition and needs.
  • Because every book is unique, we work with clients on an individual basis, offering you a level of personal service and one-to-one support that is unrivaled and unsurpassed.
  • You won't find any form of publishing 'package deal' on this website because we don't offer them. Instead, our rate structure is based on the principle that you only pay for the services that you actually require. 
  • We offer fair, honest and impartial advice on all of your publishing options. 
  • We are not tied to any outside publishing or printing concern. We are here to help you with your project and to represent your interests in the publishing process.

What We Do

Services that we provide to authors, writers, independent publishers encompass all areas of printing, publishing, marketing, promotion, sales. Specifically they include: 
  • Manuscript preparation to get your work to the stage of a print-ready proof or e-book. Services includes editing, proof-reading, appraisal and critique, typesetting, page design and layout, cover design and all relevant aspects of the book creation process.
  • Publishing assistance and advice, including ISBN registration, legal deposit compliance, copyright protection, etc. Our publishing solutions support the non-publisher too - e.g. books intended for private circulation. 
  • Print management service that includes comprehensive advice on all your printing and binding options, as well as getting you the best rates for the quality and specifications you require. More books for your money without having to print more books than you actually need.
  • E-publishing solutions: converting your manuscript to all the common e-book formats (including ePub, mobi, PDF); helping you to sell your e-books through all the major online retailers (Amazon, Smashwords, ClickBank, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, others); hosting and managing your own e-book sales platform on the worldwide web.
  • Sales and marketing support, utilising both traditional and online channels to help you to publish, promote and sell your books. Business mentoring based on our expert knowledge of publishing and self-publishing in the digital age.

Books and Titles

Our dedicated team of professionals have worked with authors, writers, independent publishers across all markets and genres. Our Portfolio contains an impressive array of titles that have come to be published successfully - in many cases by authors and writers with no previous experience or first-hand knowledge of publishing, let alone self-publishing. 

Many of these titles are available to buy directly from us through our Online Catalogue

How to Reach Us

Our experience and advice can help you to achieve your publishing ambitions. To find out how, talk to us today. You can Contact Us 
  • by phone (01 8569566 or 087 7604547
  • or by e-mail
  • You can even Get a Quote online

News and Resources

Keep in Touch by subscribing to our News Service. We regularly post news and information about all that is happening in the world of publishing, both printed and non-printed, including new titles and authors.

Finally this website includes a section on writing and publishing resources, with information, advice and contact sources helpful to authors, writers, independent publishers. We hope that this will assist and inform you on your road to publishing success.

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