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3 New Kindle Titles Published on Amazon: Tales from the Land, the Sea and all you Want to Know about Horses

posted 10 Jul 2012, 08:10 by Oscar Duggan   [ updated 7 Jul 2013, 14:07 ]
We are pleased to able to announce the publication of three new Kindle e-books, and to recommend these titles to your list of summer reads. While the weather conditions which we have been experiencing of late are not conducive to exploring the great outdoors, it is all the more reason to have a good book to hand, as a fall back. In Ireland, complaining about the weather is something of a national pastime. But we are also a nation known for our strong interests in literary pursuits. Could the two be related?

Each of these books have been independently published, by authors with distinguished background and knowledge in their chosen areas and disciplines. All of these titles are are available to download from Amazon, in Kindle format, while the printed editions can be bought from our online catalogue.

The Tobacco Fields of Meath by Liam Nevin. Published by The Manuscript Publisher

Tobacco is not a crop most people associate with the Irish climate. Believe it or not though, it has been grown here and successfully too. Liam Nevin tells the story in The Tobacco Fields of Meath. The book charts the history of the Randlestown experiment: when a group of families at the turn of the 20th century sought to alleviate the hardship of their conditions resulting from unemployment, which was endemic at the time as was its consequence, emigration. 

In telling this story he had unique access of the private papers of his grandfather, John Nevin, a tobacco instructor who was very much at the heart of the project. These papers have been made publicly available for the first time. He also introduces us to the important figure of Nugent T. Everard, a progressive landlord who felt a calling in life that stretched beyond social class. 

For a further glimpse into this fascinating story, visit the Facebook page. The Kindle edition is available to buy on Amazon while copies of the printed edition are on sale from our online catalogue - price €12.95 plus P&P.

A Woeful Tale by Derrick Cranpole. Published by The Manuscript Publisher

Derrick Cranpole's first volume of poetry was published to great reception earlier this year by The Manuscript Publisher. A Woeful Tale has now been published in Kindle too and is available to buy on Amazon.

Cranpole puts himself forward as the conscience and voice of seafishermen and coastal communities. A bold and fearless voice it is too. What he has to say may not sit comfortably with officialdom; but it is his bold and forthright way of expressing his views that makes his poetry wryly funny and endearing.

A Woeful Tale is also wonderfully illustrated with drawings by Cranpole himself, which are exhibited on his Facebook page. Copies of the printed edition are still available to buy online - price €9.99 plus P&P.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie (aka Tom na gCapaillín). Published by The Manuscript Publisher

T.J. Gillespie (Tom na gCapaillín) has learnt a thing or two about horses over the course of more years than he would care to remember. His book, I Want to Really Learn about Horses was first published in 2010 and has gone through several re-prints since. It has been widely read and disseminated by horse enthusiasts everywhere. His expertise is based on experience and a fervent desire to impart knowledge.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses is now available to buy on Amazon in a special Kindle edition, while the printed edition is also on sale - price €10 plus P&P. See our online catalogue.

Those who want to learn even more about horses should also check out Tom na gCapaillín's website and Facebook page

Kindle Editions: Available Now on Amazon

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