The Tobacco Fields of Meath
Liam Nevin

The Tobacco Fields of Meath by Liam Nevin

The Tobacco Fields of Meath
Liam Nevin

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About the Author

Liam Nevin is a native of County Kildare and now lives in Shepperton, England, with his wife Marlene.

His grandfather, John Nevin, was a key figure in the Randlestown tobacco experiment, the history of which is recounted in the volume, The Tobacco Fields of Meath.

He is also the author of a fictionalised memoir, Brightening Over Dillon's, published in 2016. It recalls life in 1960s semi-rural Ireland and a schoolboy's view of life growing up there.
This is a true story of Irish families at the turn of the twentieth century, struggling to make a go of a new crop in order to improve the lives of ordinary people and control the massive problem of unemployment and its consequence - emigration.

The story is a tragic one in many ways, but it paints a picture of life in Ireland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A time when Ireland, and the world, was changing rapidly and many struggled with these changes.

In telling this story, author Liam Nevin has made available to the general public important material previously unpublished. This includes records kept by his late grandfather, John Nevin who was very much a part of the Randlestown experiment.

The Tobacco Fields of Meath by Liam Nevin
Non-fiction; Irish history, local history. 93 pages with black and white photo illustrations.
First published in Ireland in 2011 by TAF Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-907522-26-0

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The Tobacco Fields of Meath by Liam Nevin

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The Tobacco Fields of Meath by Liam Nevin

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