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Our Services

covering the entire spectrum of the publishing process

The services that we provide to authors, writers, independent publishers cover the entire spectrum of the publishing process, from start to finish. In truth, the process is never really over because, once you become a published author, that is what you remain. Books, like all forms of published literature, have an indefinite life span. Our service solutions are based on business models that take account of these facts.

You choose the services that you require. You are not restricted in any way, least of all by complicated ‘package deals’. We work with authors on a one-to-one basis to assist you in a manner that is tailored to your real and present needs. The services that we provide cover the following general areas of printing, publishing, marketing and sales:

  • Editorial services (manuscript preparation) – editing, proof-reading, appraisal and critique, professional writing services, typesetting, indexing, illustrations, page design and layout, cover design, e-book conversion and all related aspects of book production to create a print-ready proof or e-book.
  • Publishing assistance and advice on issues such as ISBN registration, legal deposit compliance, copyright matters to inform you of all of your options and obligations, which helps you choose the route that is best for your project. This includes help for the non-publisher too – e.g. books intended for private circulation such as family histories, clubs, societies, etc.
  • Print management service, advising you on all of your printing and binding options to get you the best price for the quality and specifications that you desire. Devising print-runs tailored to anticipated demand so that you get more books for your money without having to print more books than you need. Print-on-demand options (along with e-publishing – see below) as a means of getting your books published, are also explored.
  • e-Publishing assistance, which includes conversion of your manuscript to all common e-book formats (ePub, mobi, PDF, etc.), also enabling you to distribute and sell your book through all the major international retailers (Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, among others) and even through your own dedicated author website.
  • Sales and marketing support using traditional and online channels, including campaign management, promotion, publicity, PR, order fulfilment, business mentoring and everything else you need to make the venture a success in financial terms. We even offer a commission-based sales and order fulfilment service.

Of course, all of these areas overlap and every project has its own unique features and demands. To discuss your publishing project in more detail with us or, if you have any questions about how our service works, feel free to Contact Us by phone (01 8569566 and 087 7604547) or by e-mail. You can even Get a Quote by submitting your details online.

Editorial Services (Manuscript Preparation)

  • Our team of editors and proof-readers will help you to appraise and finalise the draft of your book
  • We even offer professional writing services for manuscripts in need or more than just a customary edit/proof-read
  • Our typesetters and page layout designers will prepare your manuscript for print and/or e-book conversion
  • We offer professional and affordable cover design options that can be either template-based or bespoke, as well as being optimised for both print and digital
  • We oversee and organise all aspects of pre-printing to generate a print-ready proof or e-book
  • You will always receive a proof copy prior to printing. Your book will not be printed until you have signed off on the final proof

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Publishing Assistance and Advice

Publishing is neither complicated nor exclusive. It is mainly a matter of making the right decisions: choosing the appropriate platforms to publish and the most suitable avenues to market and sell your books and titles. There are some procedures to be observed however, that will have a bearing on the ultimate success of your project. ISBN registration, legal deposit compliance, copyright matters and so forth are among the issues that you may need to consider.

  • We can provide you with all the publishing tools and assistance that you will need, whether you go the traditional printed route, or you choose to take advantage of emerging markets, such as e-publishing or print-on-demand
  • We offer you fair and impartial advice on the best available route for any given publishing project
  • We offer help to the non-publisher too. Perhaps you only intend to produce something for private circulation: to your family and friends, community, club or within your locality

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Print Management

  • We source for you the best available printing and binding options based on your budget, ambitions, specifications and requirements
  • We help you to match print runs to anticipated demand, getting you more books for your money without the burden of having to print more books than you need
  • We cater for and advise you about all of your printing and binding options (book format size, print and paper quality, page count, colour printing options, etc.) so that you don’t feel unnecessarily restricted
  • We offer a print management service catering and delivering to your budget, specifications, requirements
  • We serve and assist publishing projects that operate on very tight budgets
  • We show you how to take advantage of new developments in printing technology, such as short-run digital book production or print-on-demand, allowing you to publish without having to tie up a lot of money in stock, inventory, overheads, etc.

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e-Publishing Assistance

Probably the most exciting thing to have emerged in publishing in recent years. Nevertheless, many authors, writers and independent publishers are either doubtful, mistrustful or simply do not know how to wield the technology that, for the most part, is freely available. We can make your book accessible in all of the common formats (ePub, Mobi, PDF, etc) so that they may be read on all of the popular e-reading devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, a PC, tablet or laptop. We can set you up and show you how to sell your e-books, using publishing and distribution platforms like Amazon, Smashwords, Apple (iTunes), Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd and many other online retailers. We can even help you create an online sales platform that you directly control – for example, your own dedicated author website.

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Sales and Marketing Support

The goal here is to begin recouping your investment and, in the process, gaining an appreciative audience for your work, maybe even serving as a platform for future publishing projects and further success down the line. In many ways, all of the previous steps have been a preparation for this phase of the project. At The Manuscript Publisher we take an active interest in your sales and marketing success. Our twin goals are to help you to reach your target audience and put your books into the hands of a paying readership.

  • We help you to explore the challenges and opportunities available to someone writing to your genre and niche
  • We advise you on how to market and sell your book, using both traditional and online channels
  • We provide active service and support in all areas of sales, marketing, promotion, campaign management, publicity, PR, sales and order fulfilment, etc.
  • Your book will be listed in our Online Bookshop with its own dedicated web page and inclusion in sales and marketing campaigns (including print catalogue, direct marketing and so on) that we organise on an ongoing basis
  • Inclusion and listing with other online retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, etc
  • Upon publication, your book will be announced to the world and to your target audience via press releases, e-mail circulars, social media campaigns
  • Assistance and advice on building and managing your web presence as an author, writer, independent publisher
  • Our expertise, advice and active support is always available to you

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