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e-Publishing embraces a variety of non-printed solutions to getting your work published. As a publishing option, it is growing and gaining wider acceptance every day. There are a number of reasons for this: for the most part it is either free or highly affordable and also, open to everyone. It represents the future of publishing but not necessarily at the expense of other, more primitive forms (e.g. print).

First-time authors and independent publishers with limited resources can and do use e-publishing as a platform for getting their work published. Initially, it might just present an affordable means to build an audience for your work, gain recognition as a writer, establish a reputation and so on. In time, it can be used to generate a reasonable and steady income from just a small financial outlay, without the associated risks of tying up money in stock, inventory, overheads. This is certainly a major attraction of the e-book as a publishing solution.

The key to success in this field really is to understand the medium. Those considering the e-publishing option need to acquaint themselves each of the four main elements of the process:

  • Choosing a publishing platform
  • Converting your manuscript to acceptable formats
  • Designing a ‘cover’ for your e-book
  • Sales and marketing

Choosing a Publishing Platform

Using both Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords, you can make your e-book available through all of the major international online retailers, which include Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd, among others. Your e-book will be formatted so that it is accessible to users of all the popular e-reading devices and apps.

ClickBank is publishing platform for information-based digital products (e-books effectively, formatted and outputted to PDF standard). Their global network of affiliate marketers assist in the process of distributing and disseminating your work across the worldwide web. Unlike Kindle and Smashwords, their platform is not entirely free to publish on (there is a small, once-off set-up fee), but affordable nevertheless. Their approach is particularly oriented to non-fiction works and How To … titles.

We can also help you to create your own publishing platform, marketing and selling your books through a dedicated author website, for example. See our section on managing your web presence as an author, writer, independent publisher as well as the section to follow, on converting your manuscript to all of the common e-book formats.

e-Book Conversion

In order to make your e-book readable on the all of the various e-reading devices and apps (Kindle, iTunes, Nook, your PC, laptop or tablet), you will need to be convert your manuscript to acceptable e-publishing formats.

The most commonly used format is e-pub, which is used on most of the commercially available e-reading devices and apps. Except, that is, for Kindle, which uses mobi as its format. Kindle is currently the most popular of the commercial e-book formats, in the sense of having the largest market share. Portable Document Format or PDF is another commonly used e-book format, readable on any virtually PC, tablet or laptop. Adobe Reader is a popular reading device for PDFs that is also free.

At The Manuscript Publisher, we take care of your requirements in this area, converting your manuscript to all the common formats so that they may uploaded to publishing platforms that include Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, ClickBank. We can also undertake the editing and proof-reading of the your manuscript to prepare it for publication (see section on Editorial Services). Our fees are based on the state of the manuscript when we receive it and the amount of work involved in getting it ready for publication.

e-Book ‘Cover’ Design

Designing a ‘cover’ for your e-book is not necessarily the same thing as designing a cover for a printed book. An e-book ‘cover’ has a much different function to the cover of its printed counterpart – a much simpler function but an important one nevertheless. You need to consider how your ‘book’ is going to come across in an online environment. Sometimes the visibility will be no more than thumbnail in size.

The Manuscript Publisher offers cover design solutions that are professional, affordable and effective in both print and digital media. Designs can be template-based or bespoke and also, adapted for print if your intention is to bring out both a print and e-book edition.

Sales and Marketing

Despite what you may have heard about the e-publishing phenomenon and the rise of the e-book market, the truth remains that a lot of e-books fail to sell in appreciable quantities. The reason for this often (but not always) comes down to marketing strategy – or lack on one. Our goal is to help you to understand how to to market and promote your book in an environment that is mainly but, not exclusively online.

Sales of digital content in the form or e-books represent the fastest growing segment of the overall book trade. While many readers and book buyers have eagerly embraced the medium of the e-book, to the exclusion of printed matter, many have yet to do so. Some remain unconvinced while others will probably never be convinced. People who own e-readers tend to be among the most avid group of readers. Of course it is also worth remembering that people don’t always buy books with the intention of reading them.

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