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Introducing... The Stories of Molly's Never Ending Adventures

posted 29 Sept 2013, 03:27 by Oscar Duggan   [ updated 29 Sept 2013, 05:36 ]

First Instalment in a New Series of Children's Fiction
by Samantha Ann Robinson

The Magic through the Glass Door by Samantha Ann Robinson is the first instalment in an exciting new children’s adventure series entitled, The Stories of Molly’s Never Ending Adventures.

The Stories of Molly's Never Ending Adventures: The Magic through the Glass Door by Samantha Ann Robinson
Samantha has been writing children’s fiction for a number of years but this is her first published book. Growing up, she had been involved in singing, dancing, drama including performances at The Gaiety Theatre. She also attended the Performing Arts School in Dublin where ‘many a famous face would have been seen.’

“I suppose the dreams and magic were all around those surroundings. Working with and sharing the hopes, dreams and talent of many people.”

The mother of four, Samantha has written stories for children for all ages. The Stories of Molly’s Never Ending Adventures is aimed at children from 3-4 years and older. The storytelling is fast paced, vividly imaginative and the book itself is lavishly illustrated.

Molly is a bubbly, happy five-year-old but there is something very different about her: she creates magic wherever she goes and whatever she touches turns into a new adventure. She goes to school like everyone else her age but it is when she comes home that the real fun and adventure begins.

In the magical lands that Molly visits, she makes many new and unusual friends. These friends however, are not like those of Molly’s world, nor indeed, any of the stories that have been told about that world. All of Molly’s friends prove important to her in helping her to succeed in her various missions. She learns many important lessons as she moves along between her world and the world of fantasy and adventure.

Among the memorable characters that Molly meets on her journey include Oley the Ogre, Isabel the Butterfly, Imelda the Ladybird, Hope the Caterpillar and Zendra the Fairy Queen, each of whom helps Molly in her quest to find the Magic Crystals, which she needs if she is to succeed in her mission.

Molly’s mission is to bring peace to her world and to defeat the evil, in the form of Kiel the Dragon, which terrifies it. This means that both worlds must come together when needed and Molly is the only one entrusted with the key that connects the two.

"This is Molly's real first adventure, but between Molly's world and her friends there are many more new adventures to come!"

The Magic through the Glass Door by Samantha Ann Robinson is published in print and e-book editions and is available to buy online. The next instalment in the The Stories of Molly’s Never Ending Adventures series is called The New World of Spike and Friends and will be published soon.