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FrightFest Season: Books for Halloween
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posted 27 Oct 2016, 21:38
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FrightFest Season is upon us once again as Halloween celebrations take hold across the world. In Christian liturgy, Halloween (or All Hallow's Eve) is dedicated to 'remembering the dead' but it is recognised as having its origins in earlier, Gaelic and pagan customs, and the Festival of Samhain in particular, which traditionally marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

In the spirit of the season, however or whichever way you choose to observe it, we bring you the following literary offerings on ghostly, ghastly, scary and otherwise otherworldly themes.

A Riveting Read!

The Rising of Haunted Ireland by GhostÉire
We start with the highly anticipated new publication, The Rising of Haunted Ireland by Anthony Kerrigan, Sinead Houlihan, Jenifer Kerrigan, published just this week with the assistance of The Manuscript Publisher.

Enter the world of GhostÉire paranormal research team, as they travel around various regions in Ireland, investigating plausible hauntings. Experience what they have encountered and their reasons for unexplainable happenings. Step into the world of whispering lighthouses, misty islands, mind-bending gaols, vanished forts and spirits in public houses. Enjoy tales of sailors, smugglers, pirates, Irish rebels, Vikings and spies, at places you wouldn't expect. Come to your own conclusion as to the world that is GhostÉire.

"A riveting read," says Alan Jacques of Limerick Post, "best enjoyed with the bed covers pulled right up to your ears. Better have GhostÉire's phone number on speed dial though. This is spine-chilling stuff."

The Rising of Haunted Ireland is a book suitable for 16-year-olds and older. It contains strong language and possible disturbing themes. It is on sale now in hardback and paperback, with an e-book edition to follow soon. RRP €19.99 (paperback) and €29.99 (hardback) plus P&P.

A Mythological, Historical, Fast-Paced Adventure!

The Battle for Coman's Wood by Mario Corrigan (with illustrations by David Butler)
The Battle for Coman's Wood by Mario Corrigan on the other hand, is a a "must read for pre-teens and adults alike." It is a book that was sculpted from the imaginations of school children from the area of County Roscommon (Irish: Ros Comáin, meaning "Saint Coman's wood") where the action takes place.

The story concerns an American family coming to Ireland for 'The Gathering', in time for Halloween, for the ancient festival of Samhain. They have no idea of the adventure that is about to unfold as their journey becomes a quest to thwart the evil plans of Queen Medbh and The Morrigan.

Terrible, evil creatures issue forth from beneath the earth. Men rally round the ancient banners to defend what they hold dear. Our brave heroes must face the might of these supernatural forces, in an epic showdown in the ancient wood, Coman's Wood, near Owneynagat; the gate to the OtherWorld ... the gate to terror and destruction.

The Battle for Coman's Wood by Mario Corrigan (with illustrations by David Butler) is published by Do Fish Wear Pyjamas Publications. It is available to buy online, in print (paperback) and e-book editions. RRP €9.99 (paperback edition) plus P&P.

Truly Terrifying Tales!

The Immortals - thrills, chills, tales of the macabre by Susan R. Murphy
The Immortals by Susan R. Murphy offers more conventional Halloween horror and sci-fi fare. The stories contained within this unique collection of "truly terrifying tales" are drawn from ancient Greek mythology, American Gothic horror, vampire tales that involve much blood and gore. Be warned!

The characters who feature in The Immortals are beings cursed by fate. Life and death holds no distinction for them. They wander the world, crossing continents and even galaxies, in search of sport, prey and sometimes sanctuary. For the immortals, there can be no respite and no final resting place: they are prisoners of this world – a world that they cannot leave. They have the strength to witness, to endure and to casually inflict tragic and inhuman suffering.

"What you have witnessed here this night, no mortal has seen in over a thousand years. Your punishment will be immortality and you will be my blood companion for all eternity."

The Immortals by Susan R. Murphy is published with the assistance of The Manuscript Publisher. It is available to buy online, in print and e-book edition. RRP €9.99 (paperback edition) plus P&P.

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