No Spare Life
one woman's journey through cancer
Rosaleen Glennon

No Spare Life by Rosaleen Glennon

No Spare Life: one woman's journey through cancer
Rosaleen Glennon

About the Author

Rosaleen Glennon was born in Dublin. During her forties she lived in Germany for ten years and taught English. While there, she developed her lifelong interest in story and began writing short prose and memoir style pieces. It was also in Germany that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. No Spare Life: one woman's journey through cancer, is her first book. She now lives in Co. Roscommon. She also blogs occasionally and posts updates through her website.
I'd been living in Germany for eight years when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, in September 2010. On gleaning the news after a biopsy, I went into a spin. I don't remember leaving the doctor's office on the third floor of the hospital and getting into the lift. I began to think again when the lift doors opened and I stepped out on the ground floor. I turned around three times on the spot and thought, "What am I going to do now? Does he mean I should get my affairs in order?"

I almost laughed at my own thinking. I realised that we have absolutely no control. We might think we have but, we don't.

I had been writing for a number of years and so, it was natural for me to write about the cancer as a way of making sense of what was happening; as a way of keeping a record of my life and as a way to honour it (the cancer). I realise that everybody's experience of cancer is different but, I want to publish what I have written in the form of poetry, short pieces of prose and artwork to share what happened to me, so that it might help other people who have had such a diagnosis as well as their families and friends. I hope it helps.

No Spare Life: one woman's journey through cancer by Rosaleen Glennon
Anthology, poetry and prose. 96 printed pages illustrated throughout in full colour
First published in Ireland, in 2016, by Rosaleen Glennon
ISBN: 978-0-9956425-0-8

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Reviews for this Book

"'This is the life we get. There is no other one. We have to face the challenges we meet.' This hard-bought wisdom is the prize captured by author, Rosaleen Glennon, through facing her own challenges and moving beyond them to a different life. Facing down a bout of breast cancer was one of them. Appreciation of how good life is jumps from the pages of No Spare Life, a diverse collection of poetry, memoir and prose ... Rosaleen documented her life experiences as she met them and she has shared these in the pages of No Spare Life. Her beautiful writings speak to anyone who is facing challenges, whether from physical or mental ill-health or something else. Her works speak of resilience and hope and a willingness to change and evolve when it is needed. The brightly coloured cover of No Spare Life looks ahead to spring that is coming, just as Rosaleen's writings look ahead to a new life and to seeing nature and the world through eyes that relish their wonders. It is a celebration of life by a gifted writer." – Northside People, 24 May 2017

"No Spare Life by Rosaleen Glennon is a deeply human, richly humane, wise and deliberately diverse collection of poems, memories and reflections about a journey through cancer: a voyage that none of us would ever wish to face but which so many thousands of people have to undergo when they find themselves being suddenly hijacked away from their busy lives and having to confront a new lexicon of medical terms and complex fears that they will struggle to make sense of." – Dermot Bolger, novelist and playwright, from the Introduction to this volume
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No Spare Life by Rosaleen Glennon

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No Spare Life by Rosaleen Glennon

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