Melodies at Eventide
Rex Lee

Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee

Melodies at Eventide
Rex Lee

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About the Author

Rex Lee is an author, film-maker, campaigner on behalf of disabled people and well known for his work with organisations such as Macra na Feirme and the Irish Farmers Association.

He holds a Masters Degree in Film Studies from University College Dublin and has also directed a documentary on the monastic history of Kells in Co. Meath, where he lives and works. See The Kells Story website for more information.
In the days before scientific advances and the accompanying rise of modern conveniences made life easier, people born with severely limiting disabilities relied very much upon compassion, understanding and networks of support in order to make their way in the world.

Rex Lee’s story is one of somebody who overcame disability, never allowing it to limit his outlook or narrow his horizons. Motivated and guided by a philosophy of mental and physical compensation, he seized every opportunity that was offered to lead an active, fulfilling and independent life.

Rex’s story is also the story of Ireland as a country striving to assert itself on the world stage, overcoming barriers and obstacles that history had put in the way. His account spans much of period following Independence. Through his own involvement and activism he both witnessed and played a part in the making and shaping of the Irish society that has been handed down to us today.

Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee
Non-fiction, memoir, Irish interest. 134 pages with B&W photo illustrations.
First published in Ireland in 2016 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9576729-7-0

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Reviews for this Book

Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee. Book Launch, 9 February, 2016 - Kells Public Library

Melodies at Eventide: Photos from the Book Launch

Rex Lee, author of Melodies at Eventide, spoke to The Gaelic Hour radio programme that broadcasts from Ottawa, Canada on 7 February 2016. A podcast of the interview is available to download.

What They Said:

"Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee is a personal account of the life of an extra-ordinary man. Rex Lee has been a constant feature in the community life of the town of Kells and the surrounding area for the whole of his life. From his involvement in horticulture, to his work with the young farmer’s group, Macra na Feirme, to the farmers’ union, the IFA, Lee has led a full life and is still contributing to society.

A man of diverse talents and interests he writes of his time in Berlin after the Wall came down, while he explored the early days of film in Germany. A poet and film-maker, Lee has lived a rich and full life and my main criticism of this book is what he has failed to include. The writing is clear, expressive and to the point. The story is engaging with Lee’s compelling, sincere voice emerging in full strength from this illuminating, soul-searching autobiography

Lee was born with cerebral palsy but one of the achievements of his early life was his adoption of what he came to know as ‘the philosophy of physical and medical compensation’. Out of desperation was born the motivation to plug that gaping gap left by disability. It is a warmly candid memoir of navigating family, life and adventures while coping with a disability, although coping is hardly the word to use with regard to Lee - more like exploding and ignoring.

This memoir celebrates one man’s ability to transcend difficult circumstances and forge a life of adventure and meaning." – Noel French

"A native of Kells, County Meath, Rex Lee was born on the 23rd of May 1939 to what he describes as a prognosis that was, 'not good'. His coping skills though and the indomitable will of his mother and others in his life would ensure that, whatever his limitations, he would enjoy a life that was in no way ordinary and that with regard to academic achievement or business interest. Out of desperation, and from the foreword by Peter McKevitt, 'was born the philosophy of physical and mental compensation: by finding a faculty for the one he lost or never had' and cerebral palsy would not deter him in any way. His journey through life has been one of many fine accomplishments and exploits, and his book, Melodies at Eventide, chronicles that journey and the insights to and of those he met along the way. The book ends with a poem, The Star of Abyssinia, which was published in, Poets for Africa: anthology for famine relief, edited by Lynda Moran (Navan, 1986) and proves that Rex has a talent for the poetic as well as prose." – Tara Poetry Blog

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Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee

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Melodies at Eventide by Rex Lee

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