It's Written in Concrete
Seamus Kelly

It's Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

It's Written in Concrete
Seamus Kelly

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About the Author

Seamus Kelly is a retired Irish national and regional newspaper journalist and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) member for over 20 years.

He is founder and editor of Ballymun Concrete News, a local Dublin newspaper edition that ran from 1998 to 2006 and still lives through his news/media Facebook pages, Ballymun Concrete News 1, Dublin Concrete News, Ballymun Concrete News photo archives as well as Dublin City digital library archives.
In a world of spiralling, almost out-of-control negative media, Seamus Kelly tackled the sensationalised press portrayals by creating and producing a more sensitive, positive journalistic style of news reporting.

His reporting of positive news stories in Ireland’s national and regional press, including his own Ballymun Concrete News newspaper, introduces a new concept in journalism.

Is the modern media world open to Seamus Kelly's new concept of positive news and prepared to steer clear of the sensationalised, negative, grizzly, horrific, front-page, in-your-face tabloid press stories?

His book, It's Written in Concrete, shows his successful journey in battling against the odds to have his positive news stories, not only published in his own newspaper but also accepted and reported in national and regional newspapers.

Seamus' positive stories, over the years, have been widely publicised. He hopes this book will help to stimulate debate in media circles and lead to a different outlook in the reporting of both negative and positive news, in which consideration for their effects on readers and society in general will be of paramount importance.

"Positive news, incorporated into everyday news reporting," Seamus says, "will not only help create a feel-good effect on readers but, will also present to the world a more powerful, positive news media."

It's Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly
Non-fiction, journalism, urban development and community regeneration. 162 pages with colour photograph illustrations
First published in Ireland in 2018 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-14-1
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It's Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

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Reviews for this Book

What they said about Ballymun Concrete News:

"It managed to be relentlessly positive against the backdrop of a tsunami of negative reporting about Ballymun, so it was a welcome antidote." – Professor Mark Boyle, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

"The way that the news media is going now is that, at one end of the scale, you have the Googles and all the rest of the big men but, at the other end of the scale, news is going hyper-local: even more local than it was before. To that extent, Seamus was a pioneer but, perhaps he was just a bit too early." – Professor John Horgan, Head of Media Studies at Dublin City University (DCU) and former Press Ombudsman

"There has been a decline in regional newspapers, both in Ireland and the UK and there is a debate about what is effectively called micro-news, small targeted newspapers. In a sense, Seamus was ahead of the game on that." – Seamus Dooley, Irish Secretary of National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

"I remember meeting Seamus at gigs and have been interviewed and featured in the newspaper, Ballymun Concrete news were a great to supporting Aslan and other local bands in the area." – Christy Dignam, Aslan

"I think local news and info is more relevant now than ever. Social Media makes information easily available but it needs a steer and Seamus is the editor and the man to do that." – Lena Byrne, Head of Scripting at JAM Media and formerly on the RTÉ soap, Fair City

"What the Ballymun Concrete News did at time was important because Seamus was very challenging. It wasn’t just soft news but about the real issues. The Ballymun Concrete News challenged all of us to provide the best services we could." – Karl Heller, Garda Chief Superintendent

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It's Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

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It's Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

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