The Echo of a Troubled Soul
Joy C. Agwu

The Echo of a Troubled Soul by Joy C. Agwu. Published by The Manuscript Publisher, 2013.

The Echo of a Troubled Soul
Joy C. Agwu

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About the Author

Joy C. Agwu is a Nigerian-born author living in Ireland. Her writings reflect her strong faith and her studies in the area of Psychology.

She has been described as a natural born storyteller and writes intelligently and perceptibly on subjects to do with family, community, parenting, individual suffering.

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The Echo of a Troubled Soul is a story of family and friendship that also deals with the consequences of grief, pain, sorrow and loss. It is a story of redemption on the journey of recovery.

Following a spate of tragedies Tom is left alone; weighed down by bereavement and consumed with grief. His patience and self-control have been stretched to the limit. He goes in search of comfort and companionship and, unfortunately, finds them in alcohol. However this turns out to be the wrong step in the right direction. It is his irrational behaviour during one drunken episode that brings Tom, Larry, Jane and Nora together.

Rescuing Tom from his descent into self-destruction proves to be a fateful decision for Larry, Jane and Nora. Little do they realise at the time, but they each hold the key to unanswered questions in their own lives too.

"Always wear knowledge like a wristwatch: bring it out when you need it because, when you stop learning, you will start dying. Life is too short and it is easier to forgive than to take the path of revenge."

The Echo of a Troubled Soul by Joy C. Agwu
Fiction, contemporary fiction, African literature, Christian fiction. 60 pages. Paperback.
First published in Ireland in 2013 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9571157-6-7

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by Joy C. Agwu
by Joy C. Agwu
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Reviews for this Book

This book is a breath of fresh air. Set in Nigeria, it is the story of four people who come together: an old man called Tom, a young man called Harry and two young girls, Jane and Nora. Not a lot happens, but the characters talk to one another, preach at one another, recite poetry to one another, joke with one another, but most importantly, they look after one another. I suppose you could call it an African 'Pilgrims' Progress'. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys quirky, original writing. Joy Agwu is a natural story-teller, I hope that there is more to come. - Amazon reviewer
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The Echo of a Troubled Soul by Joy C. Agwu

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The Echo of a Troubled Soul by Joy C. Agwu

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