The Potless Generation:
a collection of poems by James Linnane

The Potless Generation by James Linnane. Published by The Manuscript Publisher, 2014.

The Potless Generation:
a collection of poems
James Linnane

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About the Author

James Linnane was born in Galway but has lead a roving existence, taking him to various place and covering occupations that have included construction, the bar trade, security and retail in Ireland and the USA. He has been writing since his teens. He now resides in Ballivor, Co. Meath with his wife and two daughters.

James is a member of The Meath Writers Circle, also The Boyne Writers and the internet writers group, Splinter4All.

James’s website can be found at James Linnane Bookchat Corner
The Potless Generation, a collection of poems by James Linnane is, according to the author, "A book about where my country and our world is at right now, put where we are by the unscrupulous, ruthless and greedy."

Linnane’s poetry visits many places, exploring emotions and themes that will strike a chord with "anyone with a spirit generous enough to weep for the world," according to fellow poet, Kieran Furey. "There is plenty of life experience to be distilled from between the lines."

Angry, discordant notes are indeed present in The Potless Generation but it will be evident to the reader that these are borne of a "love of his country ... his belief in dignity, truth, justice, democracy and the hardship experienced by the common man ... so well expressed in this book," as Máire Morrissey-Cummins observes in the Foreword to this volume.

There is also much by way of genuine warmth and even an optimism. Hardships are endured and struggles are waged so that the obstacles standing in the way of progress can be overcome. Linnane believes passionately that the outcome of all this will be a better world for all, both this and future generations. Growing old, even death itself can be seen as part of this renewal:

Harvest fruit is falling fast, ripe and ready for eating.
It seems each year it's old mistakes that I have been repeating.
Put away your summer thoughts, unwrap the garments of colder days,
When winter comes, our time is done and everything decays.
- from Cold Days are Coming by James Linnane, from the volume, The Potless Generation

The Potless Generation: a collection of poems by James Linnane
Poetry, contemporary Irish poetry. 110 pages, paperback. 
First published in 2014 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1497306110

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Reviews for this Book

This is a collection of poems that touches on everything, from the passing of time to the political mess we find ourselves in and often with a savage twist or sting in the tail. There is some lovely humour and then performance pieces like "Head for the Door" and "The Starkness of Silence" have a standard that should keep them around for a long time. If I had to pick a poem though on a once through "Cold Days Are Coming" hits the spot and it's worth getting your hands on a copy just for that. - The Tara Poetry Blog

Linnane's themes are frequently dark: aging, nostalgia, regret, the brutish incompetence and indifference of some of those who rule us politically and financially. Aging is presented as winter drawing in and night coming on. But humour often break through, like sunshine through the clouds. - Kieran Furey, author and poet

His humour, his wisdom, his ability to call a spade a spade in this confused world we live in is a breath of fresh air! He is an excellent author. - Out of the Bag Radio Show on Peoples Internet Radio. The podcast of a lively and entertaining interview with James Linnane on this show is available. Click here for part i and here for part ii.
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The Potless Generation: a collection of poems by James Linnane

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The Potless Generation: a collection of poems by James Linnane

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