When God Calls by Gerry Browne

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When God Calls by Gerry Browne

The true story of a reluctant spiritual healer and twin flame

From a very young age, Gerry Browne saw and sensed spirits all around him. He was so afraid of them that he begged God to take away these abilities.

It seemed that his prayers were answered and, up to the age of forty-four, he lived a normal life. At that point in time, he was self-employed and married with a family. Then, out of the blue, his spiritual doors were suddenly flung open again, leaving him unsettled and anxious.

Help came from an unexpected source: an acquaintance who was a Reiki practitioner. Who knew that this person would turn out to be Gerry’s twin flame and that she was to bring him on an amazing – and challenging – journey of discovery?

As he reluctantly accepted his destiny, that he was born to be a healer and live a life of service, it became harder and harder to hold onto his original world.

When God Calls is the remarkable account of an ordinary man’s God-given gift and, an inspirational story of courage, heartbreak, faith and love.

When God Calls by Gerry Browne
Non-fiction, memoir, autobiography, religious and spiritual
264 printed pages. Paperback.
First published in Ireland, in 2021, under the imprint of Spiritlink Books
ISBN: 978-0-9928475-1-7

About the Author

Gerry Browne was born and grew up in Dalkey, County Dublin. Over the last twenty years, he has helped hundreds of people find peace and healing in their lives and has established several healing clinics nationwide. He now lives in Ennis, County Clare.

When God Calls, Gerry's first book was first published in 2021 and has since been followed by a second, Sulking with God, which takes up from where the first book left off. It is also available to buy online, in print and e-book editions, including from this website (see below for).

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Reviews for this Book

Gerry has taken readers on a journey through his life, through the good times and the challenges, offering honesty, insight, awe and wonder along the way. A remarkable healer, quite humble in fact, a truly gifted man who I’ve no doubt has helped countless people on all his journeying, myself included. All reveals in time. God Bless You Gerry! 💜 – Erin (on Amazon)
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