The Dawning of the Day by Liam Nevin

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The Dawning of the Day by Liam Nevin

The Dawning of the Day by Liam Nevin

A sweeping epic of interweaving tales following the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of three families, set against the backdrop of a turbulent decade in Irish history and one of great upheaval the world over.

Faithful attention to historical detail only adds to the interest and allure. The 1913 Lockout, the Great War, the Easter Rising, the Irish War of Independence and subsequent Civil War all come within the scope of this narrative. However, it is the impact of these events on the human level – the individual and interpersonal tales – that offer up a rich seam of storytelling.

The Brennans (John, Mary and their children) are a working-class family living in Dublin’s inner city. In 1915, John enlists in the British Army. Sent to fight on the western front, he witnesses, experiences and endures the horrors of war first hand.

In rural County Kildare (not a million miles from Dublin but, what may well seem like a different world) Brian Byrne, a farm labourer with a young family, works at ‘the big house’, owned by Major O’Kelly, a landowner of the Ascendancy class and veteran of the Boer War.

In 1912, Bill Byrne (Brian’s brother) joins the Dublin Metropolitan Police and moves to the city. Events that are about to unfold will change everything.

The Dawning of the Day by Liam Nevin
Fiction, historical novel, Irish interest, war, family sagas
246 printed pages. Paperback.
First published in Ireland, in 2022, under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-36-3

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Reviews for this Book

A great book detailing the everyday lives of those living through the birth of a country. – Amazon reviewer

A compelling novel detailing the changes of attitude and opinion of the Irish people during The Troubles and the fledgling years of the Free State and the effect on their everyday lives. Well researched and engaging the whole way through. – Amazon reviewer

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