Not Just Yet by Eileen Gleeson Peters

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Not Just Yet by Eileen Gleeson Peters

Not Just Yet by Eileen Gleeson Peters is a self-help book that is filled with tools, practices and strategies to achieve and maintain wellness.

This book came from an idea, a thought. One thought borrowed another and then another. I had the thought: the idea that I could heal fears, phobias and addictions over 20 years ago and this is the road that it has brought me down. If I had known what I would go through, I probably would not have gone there. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe, on some level, I knew I had to go through my life as it has been, and it is now. I was born for this. – Eileen Gleeson Peters

Not Just Yet by Eileen Gleeson Peters
Non-fiction, self-help, spiritual, healing, prayer, addiction
Available in e-book format
First published in Ireland, in 2019, by Eileen Gleeson Peters. Kindle and other e-book editioins published under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher

About the Author

Eileen Gleeson Peters was born and raised in the Irish county of Tipperary, where she continues to live. She grew up on a secluded farm not far from Nenagh. She attended boarding school at the Presentation Convent in Cashel before going on to University College Cork, where she studied Psychology and Logic. She was diagnosed with manic depression in 1992. She says that she is now managing her own life, having joined peer support groups and volunteered at local centres. She has three daughters and three granddaughters, has good friends and neighbours and a close relationship with God.

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Reviews for this Book

"Eileen's manifesto is a little gem. It is a simple, disciplined approach to daily life, where one is resolved to living in freedom. Not Just Yet is a memorable statement to keep you in the moment and away from addictive behaviours and, for anyone living one day at a time, this is an added bonus." – Mia Sera, author of The Mia Method

"Great achievement. You are an inspiration to everyone. Well done." – Teresa R

"Very interesting read. Acceptance is a very important part of addiction because when you accept, you have a problem you can address. Looking forward to reading it." – Jack Banaghan

"This is from the heart. I can really identify with it and can't wait to read it again." – Shane Lawlor

"Not Just Yet, when applied to most if not all of life's challenges, can lead one out of their darkness. A menu of choices from different techniques for one to work with. Eileen is an inspiration and Not Just Yet is a testament to her commitment to recovery and her generous heart." – Margo O'Donnell-Roche

"This book is a brilliant piece of work that is suitable to all ages, no matter what they are going through – even me as a teenager." – Saerlaith

"Many will be able to relate to Eileen's story. The value of her book lies in the telling of it, where she describes the various methods (and why, when and how to use them) through which she overcame her problems and reached the point of writing it. And these can help those of us who understand the need to get one's mind right in order to live well." – MacLean

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