Moments in Time by Patrick Gately

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Front cover of Moments in Time by Patrick Gately

Moments in Time by Patrick Gately

Few poets capture the moment with quite the wisdom, perception and acuity of Patrick Gately.

His observations and reflections on life – on themes ranging from the passage of time, the changes in the seasons, the joys of youth or the process of ageing and growing wiser – all speak intelligently, brimming with keen observation and insight. Life, death and all things in between come under his radar and are faithfully recorded in the author’s inimitable, laid back, everyman’s style.

The thoughts expressed linger long after the moment has passed. His reflections dwell just long enough to distil the very essence of those cherished memories and fleeting experiences, without overstaying their welcome. Even as life goes on, as invariably it must, there is something in the universality of these impressions that make you feel as if they are frozen in time.

Moments in Time takes the reader on a journey that, at its conclusion, will make you feel glad that you took the time to stop and stare.

Part of the Moments series by Patrick Gately. See also, Moments in Life by the same author, also available to buy online from this website.

Moments in Time by Patrick Gagely
Poetry, modern and contemporary, Irish authors, meditative, contemplative
128 printed pages. Paperback.
First published in Ireland, in 2024, under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-40-0

About the Author

Patrick Gately is a retired electrician who lives in Dublin. Although he hails originally from Dún Laoghaire, he has found a home in Santry, on the northside of the city. He has been writing poetry and verse for a number of years – enough to fill several volumes. Recently, he has turned his attention to fiction writing.

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Reviews for this Book

Listen back as Patrick Gately talks to Michael O'Sullivan of Northside Today programme on Near FM about his Moments series and forthcoming book launch. Listen to or download the podcast

Patrick is a first cousin of mine and was delighted to receive by post without any hassle both books which I enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. – Gerry Feighery
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