Legacies by Dezi Jay M

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Legacies by Dezi Jay M

A collection of poetry and prose that represents a personal odyssey but also addressing the current state of the world, as the author sees it, probing key questions that concern the survival and fate of the human race. Man cannot function solely on his own ego.

Recognition of the shared human experience and a refusal to let the prejudices of the past dictate the present are what inform the author’s view. Can any legacy really be so sacred as to be oblivious to the harm it may have done, on any level, even if unintentional?

Issues of ‘faith and fatherland’, church and state figure prominently. Where do we all stand at this juncture in history? Can the human race continue along the present path? Just what is the legacy that we have been bequeathed and what do we do with it?

While the starting point of this volume may be from the perspective of an Irish Catholic who grew up in De Valera household, with portraits of ‘the long fellow’, JFK and the Sacred Heart adorning the walls, that is not where the story ends. Rather, the view posed represents a certain summation and an attempt to see beyond the walls that have been imposed.

A soul-searching body of work that invites the reader to do the same.

Legacies by Dezi Jay M
Anthology, poetry, prose, Irish authors, contemporary
92 printed pages, paperback
First published in 2016
ISBN: 978-1530993338

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