Drowned-Out Voices by Anthony Kerrigan, Sinead Houlihan, Jenifer Kerrigan (GhostÉire)

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Drowned-Out Voices by Anthony Kerrigan, Sinead Houlihan, Jenifer Kerrigan (GhostÉire)

Front cover of Drowned-Out Voices by GhostÉire

Take a trip with GhostÉire paranormal psychical study group as they continue on their journeys to visit various regions of Ireland, as they try to reach beyond the veil.

The team give personal insights into the investigations that they have covered; backed up with rational thinking towards any strange phenomena that has occurred, whilst delving into the minds of Spirits they encounter.

Savour tales of soldiers, surgeons, judges, and otherworldly entities, at places that you would not expect, mixed with heart-rending and uplifting features.

Make your own conclusion as to the realm that is… GhostÉire

Part II in the GhostÉire Investigations series. The first instalment, The Rising of Haunted Ireland, was published in 2016 and also available to buy online, including from this website (see below).

Strong language, possible disturbing themes. Suitable for ages 16+ only.

Drowned-Out Voices by Anthony Kerrigan, Sinead Houlihan, Jenifer Kerrigan (GhostÉire)
Non-fiction, paranormal, ghosts, Irish history, folklore
442 printed pages, colour and black & white illustrations. Hardback and paperback editions accompanied by DVD (98 minutes)
First published in Ireland, in 2021, under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-34-9 (paperback edition) and 978-1-911442-37-0 (hardback edition)

About the Authors

Anthony Kerrigan, Sinead Houlihan, Jenifer Kerrigan collectively form the paranormal research and study group, GhostÉire.

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Reviews for this Book

"Immediately the reader is drawn into the story. A descriptive writing style explains clearly and simply the processes involved in running an investigation. The writers have the ability to convey the tension, excitement and nervousness of the night as felt by the team." – Pearse McCarthy (broadcaster and newsreader at Cork's 96fm and C103)
"Such an excellent read, informative and in-depth, but never gets boring. It kept me hooked throughout." – Dale Dickinson (Paranormal Investigator at Are You Haunted?, as featured on Amazon Prime)
Drowned-Out Voices tells of ghostly children's footsteps scurrying along the corridors and eerie humming sounds in the classroom at the old Tudor building [the former Frank McCourt Museum in Limerick City], as well as many other spine-tingling anomalies. – Alan Jacques, Limerick Post
Drowned-Out Voices by paranormal psychical study group GhostÉire describes their journey to find out if there’s life after death at 13 historic locations around the country, including Limerick’s Frank McCourt Museum – Ann McDonald, I Love Limerick
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