Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre by Sorcha Duggan

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Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre by Sorcha Duggan

Charles loved books. He loved girls & music & books in that order.

He finds happiness for a while, working in a bookshop but it doesn't last. One day, he confides to his friend, the writer and philosopher, that "it would be rather nice to live inside a book."

Charles' friend promises to do what she can to help him. So begins his odyssey.Encouraged by the advice of a medieval bard – who appears to him one day under the shadow of a large willow tree – Charles sets out to claim his true love: a flame-haired beauty who is kept enslaved by the all-powerful Ogre of Inishmean. Proving once and for all that "the pen is mightier than the sword any day", Charles rescues the maiden and in doing so, releases her dreams, which the Ogre had kept imprisoned within his dark heart, from which no blood could flow.

This is a book for everyone who believes in happy endings - or who simply like stories filled with fantasy, humour and characters we all can relate to. It will appeal to adults as much as to children and to anyone who remains young at heart.

Company Magazine described this book as "a modern day fairy tale, genuinely original."

Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre by Sorcha Duggan
Fiction, short story, humour, romantic comedy, fairy tale
20 printed pages, illustrated in colour and black & white, paperback (pamphlet-style with dust jacket)
First published in Ireland, in 2011, by TAF Publishing. e-Book editions published by The Manuscript Publisher (see below)
ISBN: 978-1-907522-23-9

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Reviews for this Book

Well-written, imaginative and truly original. I can honestly say there is no other story quite like it. - Sam Baker, Company Magazine.
I totally enjoyed reading this fairytale of love. If one wants a bit of magic in their day, and one's imagination to be alive read Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre. The book is charming, funny, dreamy and so is Charles. Love is pursued, vows are exchanged! Long live the beauty of love! I am looking forward to the next book. Best of writing to Ms. Sorcha Duggan. - Anne Marie Buckley
This story has all the elements of a classic fairytale complete with a handsome yet unassuming hero and evil ogre and, of course, the beautiful maiden as illustrated on the cover. The Mark Twain like morals of this fairytale are effortlessly mixed with the modern world of a city with the help of some clever Dublin-esque wit. The story revolves around the world of books and and anyone who loves books will love it especially those that long for a happy ending. The wonderful typeset and the illustrations throughout only give it an extra touch of magic!! - Rory Harrington
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