An Inheritance Celebrated by Teresa Hand Campbell (book & DVD)

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An Inheritance Celebrated by Teresa Hand-Campbell

The Abbey Boy's National School, cradled in the arms of Roscommon's Abbey, celebrates 30 years of all-boys primary education on this most historic site, while reminiscing on the preceding 50 years as a Christian Brothers' Primary School located at Abbeytown.

As the era of 80 years of all-boys' primary education draws to a close, An Inheritance Celebrated is a fitting tribute to a community's dedication to teaching and learning, in the spirit of St. Comán, patron saint of town and county, as they now look forward to exciting new possibilities as the senior site of a co-educational school, St. Comán's Wood Primary School, opening September 2017.

Compiled by Teresa Hand-Campbell, Principal, Abbey BNS (2000-2017) with contributions from various local authors. Includes DVD.

An Inheritance Celebrated by Teresa Hand-Campbell (book and DVD)
Non-fiction, schools and education, Irish history, biography and true accounts
288 printed pages illustrated throughout (black & white and colour), paperback (includes DVD)
First published in Ireland, in 2017, by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-09-7

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