Ireland's First Real World Cup by David Needham

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Ireland's First Real World Cup by David Needham

This book is a must read for any Republic of Ireland football fan.

A story that recounts the exploits of the first Irish soccer team to represent their country in the final stages of an international competition. This is not Euro '88, as you might expect but rather, the 1924 Olympic Football Tournament in Paris.

Although the tournament is recognised by FIFA as a football world championship, today the story of the tournament and Ireland’s participation in it have largely been forgotten, by Irish football and Olympic historians alike. However the Boys in Blue (not green) did remarkably well and they paved the way for future generations of Irish footballers and Olympians. They were the ones who truly put Irish soccer on the international map.

This book is also a fascinating trawl though the history of Irish soccer, of Irish sport in general and the history of Irish participation in international sporting competition at the turn of the twentieth century.

Ireland's First Real World Cup by David Needham
Non-fiction, Irish history, sport, soccer, Olympic Games
312 printed pages with black and white photo illustrations
First published in Ireland, in 2012, under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9571157-2-9

About the Author

David Needham lives and works in Liverpool, England but his family hail from Dublin. His interest in Irish football stems from his early childhood, attending Liverpool and Republic of Ireland football games in the company of his father.

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I purchased this book on a whim for my father but have surprised myself by how much I've enjoyed reading it. It is very interesting and informative from both a football and historical perspective. I would say that it is about the beginnings of international football and Ireland's place in that process, rather than specifically about Ireland as a footballing nation. – Annabelle (on Amazon)
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