Managing Your Online Presence

Managing Your Online Presence

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Managing Your Online Presence

as an author, writer, independent publisher

It is no exaggeration to say that the worldwide web has emerged as the single greatest force for knowledge and enlightenment in recent times. It has revolutionised the free-flow of information and ideas, with implications for trade, the exchange of goods and services, all aspects of how we communicate and interact. The world has never been more connected.

Authors, writers, independent publishers have been quick to take advantage of the opportunities that the web offers. It allow us to write to and for a public audience. It is a publishing platform in its own right. It facilitates the author in reaching his or her target audience, building a following within one’s genre or niche, making a living as a writer and independent publisher.

It is difficult to gauge precisely how many web users are engaging actively with the medium with this objective in mind. They probably number in their millions at least. At the same time, using the web effectively does involve something of a learning curve. Here at The Manuscript Publisher, we have devised a range of services specifically for authors, writers, independent publishers who are interested in realising the literary, commercial and other potential of the worldwide web as a platform to reach and engage with their audiences.

Domain, design and hosting are the chief considerations when it comes to claiming your ‘home on the web’. We offer both the advice and the practical assistance that you will need in this regard. We can create, for you, your own paid or free-hosted website and/or blog, with e-commerce facilities that enable you to take orders online and receive payments. Blogging platforms, integration with other apps and social media, direct response mechanisms that visitors to your site can use to contact you, leave messages, sign up to your mailing list, take part in surveys, etc are additional features. We can also help you to register a custom domain (e.g. that you can direct people to, use as part of your e-mail and other marketing strategies.

The websites that we create are easy to use and customise with built-in, user-friendly web editors. Moreover, we will provide full training and support, including after sales support, to get you fully up and running. Everything is stored in the cloud and we are never more than a phone call or an e-mail away.

Of course, there are other sales platforms that offer opportunities to sell books on the worldwide web (see our section on Sales and Marketing). As an author, writer, independent publisher, you should avail of them. However, it is also a tremendous practical benefit to have your own domain on the web. It can be highly effective in terms of reaching your target audience. It is also a useful means of nurturing and cultivating an appreciation for your literary output. As your reputation grows, your audience will start to seek you out. It makes sense to offer them some means of finding you.

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