In Memoriam | T.J. Gillespie RIP

In Memoriam | T.J. Gillespie RIP

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T.J. Gillespie (Tom na gCapaillín), RIP

– Author, Horseman, Educator –

Thomas Jarlath (T.J.) Gillespie
T.J. Gillespie, author, educator, horseman

Author and horseman, T.J. Gillespie passed away precisely one year ago today. The following announcement appeared the website, Tom na gCapaillín earlier this year:

Thomas Jarlath Gillespie – horseman, author, educator – whose life and work forms the focus of this website, passed away on 31 August 2021. We extend our solemn condolences to Tom’s family and close friends, as well as expressing our deepest sorrow upon learning of this news.

Tom’s was a life well lived and one that touched upon all who came in contact with him, especially those with whom he was happy to share his knowledge, wisdom and erudition.

This website (launched in 2012 under Tom’s general guidance and supervision) offers a glimpse into that life and his passion for horses and horsemanship. It is this expertise that he brought together in a deceptively simple, single volume entitled, I Want to Really Learn about Horses, first published in 2010 and still in print today, as well as being available in e-book editions (further information).

For the most part however, Tom’s life and the impact that he had on those who knew him is best accounted for in the many fond memories, tributes and sincere condolences that have been expressed. All who remember Tom and were guided and directed by his kind and gentle spirt will mourn his passing.

Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís.

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The official death notice appears on the website of along with many warm tributes and condolences that were paid in the aftermath.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie is available to buy online, in print and e-book editions. Please refer to the website of our retail division, TMP Publications, for further information.

Front cover of I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie
I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie. First published in 2010. Available to buy online in print and e-book editions.

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