Just Published | It’s Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

Just Published | It’s Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

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It’s Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly

– positive news journalism for the 21st century –

A new book by veteran journalist, Seamus Kelly, soon to be launched, addresses both the challenges and opportunities that modern media presents, not just in terms of the form (e.g. how news is delivered) but also in terms of content (how news is presented and reported).

In a world of spiralling, almost out-of-control negative media, Seamus Kelly tackled the sensationalised press portrayals of the day by creating and producing a more sensitive, positive journalistic style of news reporting. His reporting of positive news stories in Ireland’s national and regional press, including his own Ballymun Concrete News newspaper, introduces a new concept in journalism.

Is the modern media world open to Seamus Kelly’s new concept of positive news and prepared to steer clear of the sensationalised, negative, grizzly, horrific, front-page, in-your-face tabloid press stories?

His book, It’s Written in Concrete, shows his successful journey in battling against the odds to have his positive news stories, not only published in his own newspaper but also accepted and reported in national and regional newspapers. Much of this happened against the background of Ballymun’s urban re-development programme, the largest of its kind to be initiated in the history of the Irish State.

Seamus’ positive stories, over the years, have been widely publicised. He hopes this book will help to stimulate debate in media circles and lead to a different outlook in the reporting of both negative and positive news, in which consideration for their effects on readers and society in general will be of paramount importance.

“Positive news, incorporated into everyday news reporting,” Seamus says, “will have a feel-good effect on readers, acting as a force for community regeneration in the long-term, by presenting to the world a more powerful, positive news media.”

Seamus Kelly, journalist and author

It’s Written in Concrete by Seamus Kelly is published under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher and available to buy online, as well as in certain bookshops. RRP €14.99 plus P&P.

The book will be formally launched at the Axis Theatre, Ballymun on 7 June, starting 7pm. Admission is free but those interested in attending are asked to RSVP Axis, who can be reached on 01 8832100. See map below for directions.

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