Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M
– a collection of morality tales with underlying comedy –

posted 11 Aug 2018, 18:59
Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M is a just-published collection of illustrated verse, comprising morality tales that are delivered with impeccable comedic timing and effect. The author displays a craftsman-like knack for word play, colourfully illustrating the problems and predicaments drawn from everyday life, which are rarely black and white.
Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M

Dezi Jay M says that he grew up in a world that seemed confusing and strange. Neither he, his parents, his teachers, nor anyone else were aware that he was autistic. Today, he has come to acknowledge his Asperger's as a gift. He looks at life from a clearer perspective, allowing him to express his sense of humour in a healthy environment.

"Some say life is a gamble. I would prefer to say that in life, one may take risks. Much of my work is about people going through difficult situations and turning it around. Each poem, each story has a meaning to it, has a consequence. It has vindication and most importantly, the essence of Love."

Dezi Jay M is an author, actor, performing poet (AAPP) who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. His writing reflects themes and personal preoccupations with issues related to alcoholism and addiction, homelessness, church and state and the state of the world in general. Previous publications include, The Day the Poppy Met the Shamrock (2014), The Resurrection of Peter (2015), Legacies (2016). He is currently working on a volume of memoirs that he intends to have ready for publication shortly. Further information about his literary and other activities can be found at his website – DeziJayM.com

Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M is on sale now and available to buy online (RRP €12.99 plus P&P), along with the author's other publications. A preview or teaser edition can be downloaded for free.

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Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M
Would You Believe? by Dezi Jay M
Poetry and verse. 100 pages, illustrated throughout.
First published in 2018, by Desmond Murphy
ISBN: 978-1986007108
RRP: €12.99

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