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professional and affordable publishing services

We offer professional and affordable services that are based on your real and present needs but also tailored to your budget, ambitions, specifications and requirements. You select from the range of services that you need to bring your project to fruition, we offer solutions that match those requirements - we don't force you down the 'package' route. Every publishing project is unique. We work with clients on a individual basis to help you to achieve your publishing dreams and ambitions.

Contact Us today to obtain a comprehensive estimate of what it will cost to produce your book. You can even Get a Quote online. The following overview details the range of services that we provide, and outlines how our fee structure works.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript preparations services - editing, proof-reading, typesetting, page design and layout, cover design
We offer a full pre-printing service to get your manuscript to the stage of a print-ready proof (also converted to acceptable e-book standards - see below). Services in this area can include editing, proof-reading, appraisal and critique, indexing, graphics and illustrations, typesetting, page design and layout, cover design and so on - but you choose from this range the services those that you require.

Our charges vary and are based on the state of the manuscript when we receive it. Other factors includes the size of the manuscript (e.g. word count), number of pages, use of illustrations and graphics, degree of complexity in the work involved, etc. For most of our services in this area, we will need to see a copy of your manuscript before we can give you a reliable estimate.

In terms of Cover Design we offer two basic options - Template or Bespoke.

The template-based cover design option offers an attractive yet affordable solution, starting from as little as €175. You provide the basic elements - blurb, author bio, illustrations, etc. - we create a customised design, based on your specifications in terms of choice of colours, fonts, etc.

For a more customised service (bespoke), prices start at around €350. The higher price reflects the cost of artwork origination, copyright and reproduction fees incurred (e.g. use of stock photography), the overall degree of complexity in the work involved.

Publishing Assistance

Publishing assistance and advice - ISBN registration, legal deposit compliance
For a small fee, based on cost that also covers legal deposit compliance (see below), we can provide an ISBN and scannable barcode for your book. Your book will also be registered with Nielsen Book Data, accessible to bookshops, distributors, libraries, library suppliers, publishers worldwide.

Legal Deposit legislation in Éire-Ireland (Republic of Ireland) require that 13 copies from the original print run be retained and deposited in various copyright libraries across Ireland and Great Britain. The fee which we charge for ISBN registration includes the cost of legal deposit compliance.

Printing Management

Print management service - printing and binding options including print-on-demand
We offer a print management service that aims to get you the best price for your books, for the print run and quality that you desire. We help you to choose a print run that matches anticipated demand, aiming to give you more books for your money without printing more books than you need.

We advise you on the full range of printed and non-printed options, including print-on-demand and e-publishing (see below). In addition to the printing process itself, factors that will influence the cost of producing your book include print-run, page count, book format size, number of colour pages, choice of binding style, cover lamination and decoration.

We will advise and assist on all aspects of the printing process and all options at your disposal in order to get the book that you want, on time and to your specifications and budget.


E-Publishing services, assistance and advice
For a fee that is additional to Manuscript Preparation charges (see above), we can convert your manuscript to all the common e-reader formats (mobi, ePub, PDF, etc.) so that it is suitable for reading on Kindle, Apple iPad (for iBooks), Nook (Barnes and Noble), Sony Reader, Kobo and all of the other popular e-reading devices and apps.

We also help you to gain distribution for your e-book titles via the major international online retailers - Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, among others. We provide full training and orientation in the use of these platforms from a sales and marketing, administrative perspective, to maximise the opportunity that e-publishing offers to authors and independent publishers.

We can also help you to create your own sales platform on the web - e.g. your own dedicated author website (see below).

Sales and Marketing Support

Sales and Marketing support services using traditional and online channels
We can help you to market and sell your book using a range of traditional and online channels. We also offer a sales and order fulfilment service.

Books are taken on a sale or return basis, for a minimum period of twelve months and sold through our Online Catalogue and other sales channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay, print catalogues, direct marketing campaigns). Trade discount is 35% (50% in the case of trade orders to bookshops, retailers, etc.).

For e-books, we take 50% of the income from sales but also undertake the costs associated with conversion and getting your book listed with the main publishing platforms (Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo among others).

We issue sales reports that cover sales of both print and digital content (including print-on-demand) in June and December. Payments are issued within 28 days by cheque, EFT, PayPal.

Paid services that we offer include campaign management for all of your online and offline marketing activities - advertising, direct marketing, PR, etc.

We also offer services in areas of web design, video editing, slideshow presentations, other audio-visual materials.

Gift Certificates

Want to help a struggling author out? Our Gift Certificates operate in partnership with PayPal and can be redeemed against our assisted publishing services listed above and elsewhere on this website. They can also be used to shop from our Online Catalogue of books (print titles only).

Simply click on the PayPal button below, fill in the details when asked, including the e-mail address of the intended recipient, together with the value of the gift you wish to give. We will do the rest.