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turning manuscripts into books

Our online portfolio showcases a wealth of creativity and talent in both print and digital media. We have worked with authors and writers from Ireland and further afield, across all genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and anthologies. We also assist authors in building and managing you web presence, through your own dedicated websites, using paid and free-hosted web building platforms.

Our Books - Online Editions

Browse the online editions of manuscripts that we have turned into books, in print and e-book format.

Our Books - Online Editions

Book Cover Designs - (template-based and bespoke)

We offer professional and affordable book cover design services that include template-based designs (see below) and bespoke, also optimised for both print and digital media.

Book Cover Designs (template-based and bespoke)

Book Covers - template designs

We create professional and affordable Book Cover Designs based on templates. You supply the illustrations and text (blurb and bio), choose the colours and fonts, we turn it into a customised book cover design, optimised for both print and digital media. Choose from one of the basic templates below:

Book Covers - template designs

Our E-Book Editions - published on Kindle and Smashwords

We can conver your finished manuscript to all common e-book formats including mobi (for Kindle books), ePub (the most commonly used e-book format), PDF (a popular e-reading device found across the web). Our Kindle titles are available to browse online on Amazon (see below). Visit Smashwords to browse and sample e-book titles in all common formats including mobi, ePub, PDF, etc.

Kindle Editions (available on Amazon)

Author Websites and Blogs

We specialise in creating free-hosted websites and blogs that serve a variety of purposes (including e-commerce) and allow you to manage your web presence as an author, writer, independent publisher.

Website of Bette Browne, author of Stolen Lives
Official website of J.N. Duggan, author and historical biographer
Official website of Derrick Cranpole, poet, artist, retired seafisherman, champion of seafarers and coastal communities
Website of Dezi Jay M - author, activist, singer
author of Stolen Lives - available to buy online
author of historical biographies
artists, poet, retired seafisherman
author, activist, singer
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Is It Me? by Jack Kiernan. Official website.
Website Design - Joy C. Aguw, author and speaker
Website of The Kells Story DVD (an Irish monastery in a time of trouble)
Official website of SiarScéal - annual festival that takes place in Roscommon in March
century-old Irish murder mystery re-examined
author & speaker
DVD and Instant Video
annual literary festival that takes place in Roscommon
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All About Scripts website - scripts, screenwriting, auditions
Official website of Tim Weil, Colorado based writer, storyteller, raconteur Official website of T.J. Gillespie, horseman and author of I Want to Really Learn about Horses  
All About Scripts
scripts, screenwriting, auditions
website of Tim Weil, Colorado-based storyteller and raconteur
TJ Gillespie, horseman and author of I Want to Really Learn about Horses
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