Professional Writing Services
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Professional writing services
Whatever about the truth of the saying that 'everyone has a book in them', not everyone has the time, the patience, the resources, the technical know-how or even just the inclination to get it all down 'on paper'.

The difference between an author and a writer is usually quite subtle. More often than not, it involves twin tasks that are almost indistinguishable from each other. Nevertheless, there is an important distinction: the author conceives or originates the ideas contained within a body of work; the task of the writer, where literary creations are concerned, is to give it creative expression or, in simple terms, to put it all into words.

Do you feel that you have a story to tell but are not quite sure how to present it in literary form? Maybe it already exists in outline or in draft (even if it is only in your head) but needs the help of a professional writer to give it full and proper creative expression. Many people would love to write a book but they don’t know how to go about it. At The Manuscript Publisher, our team of professional writers are here to help those who find themselves in this situation.

Our professional writing services are available to individual storytellers but also to clubs, societies, corporate bodies, charities, NGOs. It could be your own life story or that of someone else. It could be a personal project or one of wider concern. For example, you may wish to record your family history, a piece of local history, a history of your club or society, your company or business. You may be considering self-publishing your book or you may be looking to submit your manuscript to a traditional publisher. Or maybe it is part of a fundraising effort, for a cause that you wish to assist.

Whatever your reason or motivation, our team of professional writers and editors can help you to get the story or account that you want to relate, into written form. From there, our team of editors, proof-readers, designers can take it to the next stage - i.e. preparing your manuscript for print, e-book distribution or other form of publication.

Talk to us today, for a free consultation, about our professional writing services. Find out more about how our professional and affordable publishing solutions can help you to accomplish your publishing dreams and ambitions.