Book Cover Design Service
professional and affordable cover designs for your printed books and e-books

The cover that you choose for your book (including your e-books) is often your reader's first impression. It pays to invest time, thought and effort into how you want to present your work to the world. With a cover design, you are trying to anticipate your audience's preferences, tastes, impulses and so forth, in a manner that will convert them into paying readers - in other words, customers - or at least persuade them to take a look inside.

We design covers with both print and digital media considerations in mind. How your book comes across in an online environment can be quite a different experience to how it appears on the shelf of a bookshop, library, etc.

We design covers that are attractive, professional but also affordable. This is why our Book Cover Design solutions come in two basic packages - Template and Bespoke.

Template-based Book Cover Design

These represent a simple, attractive but also very affordable solution, suitable for both print and e-book editions. You provide the basic elements - blurb, author bio, illustrations, etc. - we create a customised design, based on your specifications in terms of choice of colours, fonts, etc. Once you have approved the finished design, it is outputted to a print-ready proof for you, which includes printers' crop marks and bleeds, spine width calculated on the basis of page count, paper stock, etc.

Template designs are suitable for all printing and binding options. They can also be adapted for your e-book edition. Costs for a template-based cover design start from as little as €175. Check out these template designs. They come in four basic formats:

Template-based Book Cover Designs

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Bespoke Book Cover Design Service

With a bespoke cover design, we create a completely original cover concept for your book. This involves originating and/or sourcing the artwork that best represents the theme and purpose of your book, as well as appealing to your target audience. We work with you in this endeavour, giving you full creative control and final say in the end result. The rates which we charge for bespoke designs are generally more expensive than for designs based on templates, but can start from as little as €300. The higher cost reflects the greater complexity, as well as potential charges for copyright and reproduction fees.

Our Portfolio of Book Cover Designs

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Book Cover Designs - published

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