Twin Tales by Ray J.F. Moore
– the magic and mystery of childhood re-discovered –

posted 11 May 2017, 23:02
Ray Moore says that he "just started to write children's stories one boring Sunday morning", at the prompting of his friend, Michelle Hopkins, who asked him to write a story for her little girl, Amber. The collaboration has borne fruit in two new books: the first in an enthralling series that exult in the joy of childhood experience, vividly describing the world as it appears to those who are taking their first steps on the journey of discovery, where everything is a new adventure, a mystery waiting to be uncovered.

MacDaddy Spider by Ray J.F. Moore
Twins 'n' Things by Ray J.F. Moore
MacDaddy Spider lives in a tree. He as eight very long black legs and a wee Tam o' Shanter on his head. "All day long, he clambers about, fixing his web inside and out." His work keeps him busy and provides for his needs but, "there was something he did have not but couldn’t remember, 'cos he forgot."

He finds himself at a loss until, with the help of his friend, the Ladybird, he overcomes his dilemma through his own inventiveness and by drawing inspiration from the nature that surrounds him.

"Twins 'n' things can do very strange things: one can cause trouble; the other makes it double" in a story that charts the mayhem and mischief that abound when young minds unleash their natural inquisitiveness – to the torment of those who must look after them! A story to remind us that, while curiosity creates a world of possibilities, fuelling our imaginations and thirst for knowledge, we must use that knowledge to keep ourselves safe and stay out of danger!

Ray J.F. Moore was born in Coventry, England to an Irish family that hails from Galway. He has worked as a stonemason while his travels and adventures have taken him to places as far-flung as Casablanca and Cuba. He has written over a dozen more similar childhood tales that will be appearing soon, all told in his own inimitable free-verse style.

MacDaddy Spider and Twins 'n' Things by Ray J.F. Moore are published by The Manuscript Publisher and are on sale now – RRP €9.99 plus P&P.